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 2011 GSTA Taxidermist Competition 1st Place Professional Division
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Specializing In Whitetail Shoulder Mounts

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Welcome to Majestic Creations Taxidermy, My name is Ed Boccafogli I, me located at 9 Athenia  ave. In Clifton , NJ 07013 I've been a taxidermist for 14 years now. My specialty is Whitetail deer although I have experience with most fur mammals .

I entered My first competition last summer entering a Whitetail pedestal mount and a Fox mount , I did very well Proudly took a 1st place ribbon with the deer and a 2nd place with the Fox.

You can contact Me 7 days a week from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm on My cell phone at (973)495-7908  or anytime by email

If You're cape is rotten ,you have an old mount you want redone or you just have an old rack lying around you want to mount, No problem we can find a replacement cape to fit perfectly

Drop offs are by appointment only
 07013,white tail deer,pictures of deer,Taxidermist prices,Whitetail pictures,deer hunter,Taxidermy,Deer Hunting,Taxidermist,Clifton New Jersey, NJ, Majestic Creations Taxidermy,Northern New Jersey Ducks ,Bords

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